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With more than 15 years of experience in the IT industry, Web technology, application design and development, and business process re-engineering, Hindsa Technologies has demonstrated timely rollouts and reliable operations with several bespoke products and tailor-made applications using the best tools in the trade.

We have released and continue to develop products that improve efficiency, reduce costs and enhance security in a variety of fields. All our products allow clients to have greater productivity, efficiency and easier decision making by providing simple, accurate, intuitive and easy to use software solutions.

Hindsa Technologies employs a holistic approach to resolving issues and achieving on-time delivery.

Hindsa Technologies specialise in software products and developments ensuring they comply with Best Business Practices and GDPR directives.

A B2B stationery ordering and management solution

Reach Stationery

Hindsa was commissioned to develop a new solution integrating the NewsSpread Stationery with Supreme Stationery sites after INM aquired the business. This is basically a Business to Business solution. The integration included a new application design, the migration of all data into a single database as well as normalising all business processes and site administration to run on the same platform.

Reach Retail Services
An online consumables ordering and management

Reach Retail Services

Reach Retail Services is an online consumables ordering and management platform for business partners. This ordering and delivery management platform comprises various benefits for the customer such as great convenience in shopping, enormous choice and easy access. For the company, the software allows for easier access to market, reduced overhead costs, a larger market than physically possible and potential for faster growth as an online store.

A website is easier to get going than a physical store, as building is fast, advertising is easy, shopping is comfortable and simple for customers and their experience can be customized to match preferences and previous sales.

Reach Retail Services has a built in secure electronic payment method with an adaptive pricing strategy that includes a 30 day credit.

Reach Home Delivery
Newspapers and magazine subscription management

Reach Home Delivery

Reach Home Delivery is a newspapers and magazine subscription management platform. Subscribers may be corporate or individual and can manage delivery by completing the subscription process online and pay for the chosen products and bundles.

The system is sophisticated but simple to use. It facilitates recurring payments for subscription renewal in a simple and easy way using electronic payment method.

The system provides full paper delivery management; it has suspend delivery, credit refunds and holiday or unavailability freeze-delivery. It is also used for digital newspapers subscription.

A B2B newspapers and stationary management


This is a Business to Business newspapers and stationary platform, used by thousands of shops to manage and order their allotted copies of newspapers, report shortages and claim refunds for unsold copies.

The platform is also used by business customers to place bulk orders for stationary and other goods and is integrated with the organisation’s main SAP system.

Customers can access their business documents such as delivery notes, credit notes, rebates invoices, newspaper and magazine recalls and other various documents. The system helps them to plan and manage their stock.

A discount voucher marketing system


GoSave.ie is a discount voucher marketing system that facilitates partners’ offers to customers. It forms a simple and easy to use system for vouchers, whereby customers can purchase and receive discounts and offers easily and quickly. GoSave can provide benefits such as:

  • Promoting sales
  • Improving customer loyalty to the company
  • Emphasizing specific products
  • Funnelling customers to a specific outlet to improve sales for that outlet

A voucher system arranges a safe, approved and recorded scheme where customer voucher redemption is verified easily and quickly. With the benefits of GoSave.ie, the company can drive sales, make customers feel more appreciated, and boost sales of specific products or store locations. This allows the company to have better control over their sales and a stronger relationship with their customers.

Schools Ordering System
A web based order management of publications

Schools Ordering System

Schools Ordering System is a web based system to arrange and order educational printed publications. By setting up an online method to order books or papers for schools, the school can save time and money by having easier purchases and one large delivery for all items rather than many smaller ones. The Schools Ordering System provides benefits such as:

  • A method to maintain records and historical data
  • Verification of purchases/delivery arrivals
  • Bulk order capabilities to reduce costs
  • Greater speed in ordering and processing
  • Easy administration
  • Detailed statistical information for analysis to assist in future purchases.

The system is very robust, reliable and simple, making it optimal for implementation in an educational environment such as a primary or secondary school.

Financial Calculators
A savings, loans and mortgages calculator

Financial Calculators

The financial calculators engine assists bank customers and home buyers in calculating their savings, loans and mortgages in auditable manner. The engine is easily integrated with various banking systems to provide end users with various calculation requirements in an accurate and simple manner, such as:

  • Maximum mortgage allowed to find if a house is affordable
  • Family protection insurance premium calculation
  • Mortgage repayment of monthly instalments based on different banking products
  • Compare different banks or loan programs

Our mortgage calculators is an effective method to save time while calculating your mortgage expenses and other costs. It is also useful in comparing different plans easily.

Authenticate and validate customers subscriptions


API Visiolink is a middle-ware to facilitate the authentications of customers and validating their subscription to enable them to access their content entitlement over the internet on the Visiolink portal. It is designed to provide a prompt and secure way to perform transactions without exchanging customers’ data using specialized algorithms.

The advantages are clear as the program eliminates the risk of fraud and the benefits include:

  • Better customer experience due to faster transaction and no checkout disruptions
  • Less orders are sent to fraud investigation thus expediting transactions
  • Peace of mind for users, as system is much more secure
  • Fewer inquiries about payment to the call centre, thus reducing pressure on staff
  • GDPR compliant data transactions
  • Fully automated subscription validation
  • Operational cost savings

The Chief

Founder and CEO Absar Mirza has worked in the software industry for over 25 years, and has held senior positions at a number of companies including Iona Technologies, one of Ireland’s leading indigenous software innovators. Absar is an Agile methodologies practitioner who is backed by a formidable team of experts in Management, Business Process Re-Engineering, Software Development, IT and Change Management; gained at fortune 500 multinational corporations.

We pride ourselves on quality and timely delivery as well as excellent customer care resulting in successful and profitable partnerships. We are confident that we can code your business dreams into reality.

Together, we can make it happen