Who we are

                                                                      Hindsa is an innovative and dynamic company, producing world class enterprise software solutions cost effectively, with a track record of exceeding delivery targets. We offer business and technical consulting services and advice to customers requiring standard or bespoke developments.

                                                                      Turnkey Solutions

                                                                      Hindsa provides all elements of the software development life cycle, from scoping, requirements collection, business analysis, design & development, deployment and support. We also design and develop fault tolerant application hosting platforms, leading to optimum business efficiency.

                                                                      Continuous Improvement

                                                                      At Hindsa, we practice Agile and Iterative development model, enabling continuous improvements and enhancements to match changing business requirements; creating solutions fit for purpose.

                                                                      Customer Care

                                                                      Hindsa offers highly flexible maintenance services that include onsite and remote customer support with management & administration options, ensuring continuity of your business operations.

                                                                      Competence and Expertise



                                                                      Our solutions ensure full functionality according to customer requirements, with further development following customer feedback to employ a mind-set of continuous improvement.


                                                                      Turnkey solutions including hardware, software, applications, legacy system migration, and networking and integration with third party systems ensuring security and data integrity.

                                                                      Project Management

                                                                      Our experts are capable of delivering full scoped projects of various scale within budget and time scale.



                                                                      Business Responsibilities

                                                                      Hindsa Technologies Consulting considers the engagement of well-trained personnel in business, technology and change management.


                                                                      Flexible working days and hours to ensure targets are met in a timely manner.


                                                                      Project is tested thoroughly by our team to ensure great customer experience.

                                                                      Our Projects