What we do


Hindsa Technologies offers business and technical consulting services and advice to customers, including special requirements and bespoke developments. The professional team of consultants can work with you to identify your requirements from our service offerings effectively, proposing the best business practices that suit your business needs. The team can also provide training courses and coaching in these fields.

Experienced consultants at Hindsa Technologies can provide quality consulting and assistance in systematic methodologies and change management, resulting in fast and effective acceptance, followed by evident progress within any organization.

Our time proven flexible approach of designing business solutions, which are adaptable and can be tailored to match evolving market landscape, regulatory policies and changing corporate priorities, saves costs and maintains effectiveness even in the long run.  

Core Competence and Expertise

  • Custom applications development to realize new requirements. Our solutions ensure full functionality according to customer requirements, with further development following customer feedback to employ a mind-set of continuous improvement.
  • Turnkey solutions including hardware, software, applications, legacy system migration, and networking and integration with third party systems ensuring security and data integrity. Our team of experts can provide fast, effective solutions, within budget and time restrictions, while ensuring full functionality.
  • Project management. Hindsa Technologies has within its ranks experienced project managers who have managed and went live with large scale full life cycle projects successfully, utilizing well established methodologies such as ASAP and Agile. Our experts are capable of delivering full scoped projects of various sizes within budget and time lines.
  • Change management and onsite training to ensure staff are well equipped to handle business responsibilities. Hindsa Technologies Consulting considers the engagement of well-trained personnel in business, technology and change management imperative due to globalization and expedites businesses adaptation to rapidly changing environments.
  • Flexible working days and hours to ensure targets are met in a timely manner. We have employees positioned in various time zones across the globe working to meet customer expectations. This means that customer support and consulting are available at the time they may be required.

Fault Tolerant Application & Web Hosting Platforms

We have successfully established multiple fault tolerant Linux based web and applications hosting platforms, either in Colocated data centers, or using AWS cloud platform. The servers were clustered and highly redundant in meeting customer expectations of optimum uptime, high performance, excellent connectivity, seamless operations and prompt maintenance as needed.

The hosting platforms are managed around the clock and maintained by a team of experts.

Odoo ERP Implementations

Odoo is a widely adopted ERP solution with more than 7 million users worldwide. It encompasses one of the broadest ranges of business needs through modules such as accounting, inventory, e-Commerce, warehouse, CRM, billing, manufacturing and project management amongst many others. It has an even bigger number of third-party modules and add-ons that can be installed to cover the needs of your organization. They are built on a modular structure, which means that a particular process or function can be handled by a separate module but still be available to integrate with other installed ones

We are experts and have partnered with Odoo S.A, the innovators of Odoo ERP platform to deliver best fit ERP implementations for your organization. 

Customer Support

Hindsa Technologies offers highly flexible customer services and support. Performing both onsite and remote customer support, ensuring uninterrupted and reliable business operations. Support for our products and bespoke solutions is available to satisfaction and beyond. Our customer service operatives listen and respond to customer concerns and provide relevant assistance and information about our products or services, reaching resolutions as desired. Our customer services offer great support while keeping a record of the issues arising. Should the customer service not be able to assist, they are quickly able to refer customers to managers and supervisors who can provide help at an elevated level.

Hindsa’s products and bespoke solutions are intuitive and efficient. We are confident that customers will be able to use them without extensive assistance. However, we are always available to support you as required to give you the maximum return on investment from purchasing our solutions to clarifying value provision.