About Us

Our Vision  

Build a world class enterprise offering quality solutions to help customers flourish.

Our Mission

Conceive solutions that advance customers’ competitiveness and develop applications enhancing productivity.

Our Values

  • Create a happy and empowered work environment
  • Follow established methodologies such as Agile
  • Ensure adherence to Best Business Practices
  • Maintain data confidentiality and adherence to GDPR guidelines.
  • With emphasis on growth and benefit to communities.

Who We Are

Hindsa is a young, agile and flexible Irish company that was established with a vision to build world-class enterprise solutions, to help customers exceed targets and flourish. We are supported by Enterprise Ireland, Ireland’s state-run development agency supporting high-growth companies. We specialise in software products and developments ensuring they comply with Best Business Practices and GDPR directives.

Our applications and conceived developments are implemented at some of the most prestigious companies in Ireland, helping them achieve higher efficiency and meeting market demands. Reach Home Delivery is an example of our POS solutions that helped our partner realize their business model and achieve greater success. MediTimeTracker optimises doctor’s activities scheduling in a hospital environment and eXtreme Manager provides clear visibility into an Agile project development environment. Both products are some of our web-based creations that enable organisations optimise processes, understand progress and manage risks. Moreover,   Hindsa delivers Consulting and Support Services, placing greater emphasis on reliable operations and customer satisfaction.

Meet Our Founder & CEO

Absar Mirza has worked in the software industry for over 25 years and has held senior positions at a number of companies including Iona Technologies, one of Ireland’s leading indigenous software innovators. Absar is an Agile methodologies practitioner who is backed by a formidable team of experts in Management, Business Process Re-Engineering, Software Development, IT and Change Management; gained at fortune 500 multinational corporations.

We pride ourselves on quality and timely delivery as well as excellent customer care resulting in successful and profitable partnerships. We are confident that we can code your business dreams into reality.

Together, we can make it happen.