Hindsa – Odoo Partnership

At  Hindsa, we are specialized in business and technology software applications, with a number of custom designed solutions that are reliably running business operations for  many large satisfied organizations.

Our team of consultants has more than 20 years of experience in Business Process Re-Engineering; accumulated in multinational business organizations using Best of Breed business solutions, software applications and tools. They have been designing, developing, consulting and supporting custom business applications and implementing integrated solutions in organizations to improve efficiency and productivity based on Best Business Practices.

The accrued expertise of designing custom business solutions and deep knowledge of best business practices, combined with access to top Odoo resources through our partnership with Odoo, provide in-depth technical knowledge and functional expertise of Odoo eco-system, assuring our customers a path to successful implementations of any Odoo project, ensuring business growth and proving cost effectiveness in the long run. 

Our time proven flexible approach of designing business solutions, which are adaptable and can be tailored to match evolving market landscape, regulatory policies and changing corporate priorities, saves costs and maintains effectiveness even in the long run.

So call us today if you have any requirement of solutions to grow your business.

Odoo software Overview

Odoo  is a widely adopted ERP solution with more than 7 million users worldwide. It encompasses one of the broadest ranges of business needs through modules such as accounting, inventory, e-Commerce, warehouse, CRM, billing, manufacturing, Website builder  and project management amongst many others. It has an even bigger number of third-party modules and add-ons that can be installed to cover the needs of your organization. They are built on a modular structure, which means that a particular process or function can be handled by a separate module but still be available to integrate with other installed ones.

Being robust and seamlessly integrated with minimalistic appearance to aid user-friendliness, it improves the overall efficiency and productivity with an easy to learn platform. Navigation through the pages is simple, effortless and convenient with minimal task completion processes to reach the place you want promptly, while maintaining reliability and data consistency and compatibility with major applications and protocols; for flawless data exchange with other platforms in any work settings.

An organization can start-off with basic modules and functionality, then it can add new modules and/or functionality in future, as the business expands. This sort of uncompromising flexibility is helpful, especially for rapid implementation requirements, and enables users tailor the software to meet the specific needs of their business. Its easy integration with all popular channels like eBay and others makes Odoo easy and effective.

When compared to similar ERP platforms, Odoo is a cost-effective solution when using the powerful Enterprise Edition. While users can benefit from business modules which can be accessed for free in the Community Edition where basic ERP functions are readily available.

Odoo has very large development communities, which is indicative of continuous functional updates and prompt response to incidental issues. The software is also up to date in correlation with the advancements in technology and business processes best practices.